2009 winner

Rodney Pople
St Mary’s Cathedral at 4am
2009 Selected works:

83 Andrew Hagar, Elizabeth Bay From My Rooftop35 Amanda Penrose Hart, From The Shed87 Joseph Bezzina, Moon, Earth And All That’s Between (Lake Mungo)44 Jeanette Prout, Lake Glenbawn40 Catherine Cassidy, Road to Hill End I & II42 Frances Ifould, Going, Going, Gone artists book58 Brigiat Maltese, Four Views

88 Rodney Pople, St Marys Cathedral at 4am

49 Tim Hutchinson, Casuarinas

96 Carlos Barrios, Jamberoo Mountain

63 Steven Harvey, Valley of Shadow Mutawinji Desert NSW

10 Kerrie Lester, Eyeing Lion Island

17 Michael Muir, From Curl Curl

38 Carole Corrie, Landscape Windows

33 Joanna Logue, Coogee

15 Minette Hoad, Rumsay Lane – Balmain

37 Tom Carment, Lake View – Centennial Park21 Craig Waddell, Bathurst Autumn

26 Pam Doherty, The Shed

55 Robert Malherbe, Landscape II

75 Suzanne Alexander, Long Arm of the Sea – Sydney Harbour

8 Josephine Josephsen, Shed Wall Hill End

112 Julie McConaghy, NSW Water Moods

11 Nora Hosking, Tugs & Tanker – Sydney Harbour

104 Kate Dorrough, At Bundanon

77 Tony Costa, Goulburn River National Park

113 Vicki Parish, Snake Country

4 Neil Evans, At the back of ‘The Little Res’, behind Brooklyn

115 Juliana O’Dean, Towards tbe Barrier Range

97 Michael Biddulph, View East From Minnamurra Lane, Jamberoo

2009 Selected Works Catalogue, 3.8MB PDF, Photographer: Neil Duncan

2009 Judge
Edmund Capon AM, OBE, Director, Art Gallery of New South Wales